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Children Getting stronger and happier!

Most of the kids nowadays have a very sedentary lifestyle, they spent more time watching television than older generations, affecting their athletics in every way possible. The lack of exercise on kids can lead to many problems such as obesity, heart diseases and diabetes. Having a lifestyle that involves more then 6 hours a day of television creates a lack of energy causing kids to burn less calories than an athletic kid.

At gracie Barra we know that having a workout routine will help the child to have better social skill, confidence, and strenght. Also, exercising makes their intellect to be improved which it helps the child to have better control of their emotions. At Gracie Barra we know that the key for success is perseverance and dedication, all the kids that come to our school have improved their strength and self confidence causing them to feel a lot happier about themselves.

We encourage our students to always strive to be the best and to never feel defeated by the obstacles of life. Thanks to our philosphy we have seen a great improvmemt in all of our students.Jiu-jitsu offers a lot of benefits that will be shown in your daily life. You will notice how your health will improve and how good you will feel about yourself.

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