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An Important announcement for All the Students of GB Downers Grove!

Dear Members of Gracie Barra Downers Grove,


Gracie Barra Downers Grove, Carlos Lemos jr, Miryan Samejima

We are carriers of the vision of Master Carlos Gracie Jr. ,which is to spread the Gracie Barra jiu jitsu for everyone! Our life style consists in brotherhood, cooperation, Discipline, Respect , continue improvement and growth, leadership, inspiration, healthy eating and enjoyment.

All of these attributes are part of Master Carlos Gracie Jr’s vision, which also has an uniform policy, each student of Gracie Barra all over the world has the privilege and the honor to wear an official Gracie Barra Uniform, designed by Master Carlos Gracie Jr himself.

The complete standard uniform is  the official GB Gi and the Gracie Barra Rash Guard or any GB T-shirt.

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GB Downers Supports Master Carlos’ Vision and philosophy 100% so We are giving all our members 5 weeks to get officially  uniformed, this serves to all the programs of the school.

Just like any  great University as Harvard or Oxford for example everyone, Gracie Barra the biggest Jiu Jitsu learning center in the planet is no different!  We’re the only Jiu jitsu organization that is 100% standardized uniformed.Gracie Barra Downers Grove will be extending all the clearance on its PRO-SHOP for ” 5 more weeks”, please take advantage of hot deals on our pro-shop and purchase your Official GB Uniform. GB  members you have until the 07/30/2014 to be 100% GB !

Students with different Gis,tshirts, rash guards or shorts non GB will not be able to attend the classes.

I really appreciate your collaboration.

Miryan Samejima


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Shop in our Store

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