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Farewell Professor Rodolfo Alvarez

Minutes ago a great martial artist left us, Master Rodolfo Alvarez , the father of my brother and student professor Gibran Alvarez passed away in his home town in Alcapuco ,MX. Master Alvarez was a direct student of Richard Bustillo , he was a great boxer, kali escrima and a master in JKD! He was a pioneer of the martial arts in the state of Guerrero and an The director of Alcapuco’s police academy.


In a country haunted by corruption from its own officials Master Alvarez was set apart his integrity and convictions made him a legend among his counter parts and also the bad guys feared and admired him. Master Alvarez will be eternally missed by all of us!


” Rest in peace old friend I am sure as we write this post you are feasting on the halls of Vahalla where the brave lives forever. ”

Carlos Lemos



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