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Professor Carlos Lemos’s seminar in Mexico reached full capacity.

Professors Carlos Lemos had an opportunity to be with another GB family at Quintana Roo , MX this last on weekend.

The head instructor from Gracie Barra Mexico (Gibran Alvarez, Black Belt from Professor Carlos Lemos) is doing an amazing job to spreading the art of the best jiu jtsu in the world.

The Seminar was successful with seventy students , very organized and productive.

Congratulations to everyone that received promotion on the belt grading and the end of the seminar.

Let’s get ready for the next one  “GB RIVIERA MAYA EXPERIENCE SUMMER CAMP” (July 3rd to 7th). Seminars with many famous black belts , get together with GB students all over the world, explore and enjoy the island with tourist tours, good food and a lot of fun.

See you soon!


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