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A note from prof. Carlos Lemos Jr to his students and instructors all the way from Mexico!


Dear students, brother instructors and family I’m writing this note to let you know that I really miss all of you guys and our school, I extended my trip to Mexico for a couple of days because of a bad cold I caught a day prior to my trip down here, the cold I caught was the same one that hit Akemi, Kenzo and Miryan .The first three days of my trip I felt miserable, only last night I started to feel a bit better thanks to Prof. Gibran Alvarez , Rotem Arnon (fusion beach hotel) and my Mexican brothers who not only honored me with a seminar packed with 70 students but who also took care of me as one of their own! with natural care such as anti-cold  juice made of pineapple, honey , mint leafs , ginger and orange juice but also with the amazing fresh food served over here crowned by the perfect weather…. It just makes me think of the healing powers of this land and it’s people! Muchas gracias Mexico, Muchas gracias Gracie Barra Rivera Maya, Muchas gracias Professor Gibran Alvarez, sidartha, Carlos Lira, Joseph, Manuel, Paco, Thomas, Hansel, Dani,Raul  and all our students and instructors! A special thanks to my GB family who kept things up and running in Chicago! This trip just reinforced my desire to share this amazing experience with all of you during the ” GB Summer Experience Camp ” from the 3rd to the 7th of July here in Mexico! I will see you guys tomorrow! Carlos Lemos Jr image<a

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