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Professor Niclas Gustafsson’s seminar was a big Success!

Professor Niclas Gustafsson , Black Belt from Sweden lead an amazing seminar on the last Saturday, 22rd of March.
He taught something like 10 unique X Guard techniques and some tricks to help our fighters to perform a better jiu jitsu guard game.
We had a Full house, with more than 40 students on the mats.

GB Downers received a very good feedback from its students … “Professor Niclas’s seminar was one of the best seminars we had, his seminar was compared to some of the best  jiu jitsu black belts celebrities that we had in the past at our school…”

It was a pleasure to have Professor Niclas Gustafssson at Gracie Barra Downers Grove.

Many thanks to all the students , Team Members and to Professor Niclas Gustafsson for this seminar a big success!

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