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Anti Bullying seminar by GB Downers at Clarendon Hills Middle school generates funds to treat disable children in Du Page County!

Teaching an anti bullying seminar for over 600 students at Clarendon Hills Middle School showing kids how to protect themselves from bullying wasn’t enough, GB Downers Grove’s instructors decided to donate the seminar’s fee 100% to treat Disable Children!

The visit from Prof. Carlos Lemos Jr and GB Downers’ crew happened last Dec 13 and included a few tips on self-defense, but mostly a message of doing anything possible to avoid a fight with a bully.

“There’s no offensive tactics involved with this at all; it’s all about doing things so that nobody gets hurt,” said Mike Piper, the physical education teacher who arranged for the visit. “The focus is on pre escalation techniques and avoidance because you never want to actually fight unless there is no other option.”

Lemos Jr talked to students about avoiding fights and then showed techniques for avoiding being hit by someone and how to fall to the ground if pushed and how to get back up.

“It was really cool,” said seventh-grader Lindsay Knutson. “It’s really pretty easy to learn some basic self-defense, and it was a cool way to fall that they showed us.

Seventh-grader Michael Gurka said he has never been bullied, but knows others who have.

“It could happen to anyone, and it’s good to know what to do if it does happen,” Michael said. “It is best to just try to walk away if someone wants to bully you and start a fight, but it’s good to know what to do if they hit you first.”

Coach Stevan Glodic was there to assist with the teaching Marathon that lasted for over 7 hours!

This time the institution chosen to be supported by GB Downers Grove was the Easter Seals in Vila Park, which is compromised to enable infants, children, and adults with disabilities to achieve maximum independence, and to provide support for the families who love and care for them!

Special thanks to : CHMS, Coach Mike Piper and family, Coach Stevan Glodic, Andrea Beckham, Coach Miryan Samejima, Coach Bret Stalcup and Coach Peter Buinauskas who made this initiative possible!

GB Downers Grove plans to do even more to the local community this year!

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