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Do you want to become good in Jiu Jitsu? Here is the manual of how to Spar! By Professor Carlos Lemos Jr.

In my twenty years of Jiu Jitsu I witnessed all kinds of miracles experienced by Jiu Jitsu practitioners from people who from sedentary lives turned to be healthy and extremely fit to giving up drugs and alcohol, families bonding together, rebellious kids reconciling with their parents are only a couple I seen throughout my carrier,although the art of Jiu Jitsu can be beneficial to anyone, usually miracles are only experienced by the faithful! the ones who believe 100% on the principles of Jiu Jitsu and exercise them in life and in practice.

The principals are :

1) Strive for maximum effect with minimum effort.

2) Strive for mutual welfare and benefit.

3) Strive for perfection as a whole person

If you believe in these principles and apply them in practice GB Downers Grove is the school for you! and I can promise if you stay faithful to these principles you will experience wonders!

But if you are a person who can’t deal with defeat, you will find nothing in our school! because losing is learning, and these aren’t my words but words of the patriarch of the Gracie family and my master’s father ” Grand Master Carlos Gracie Senior. – ” To lose is to learn”
At the end of the day what’s the big deal to loose a friendly match for a friend? As long as you learn from the experience you are not losing you are GROWING. The losses are when one wins because he or she overpowered someone, or when one loose but can’t learn no lessons from that. As Aristophanes  hinted more than 2 millennia ago – ” The wise learn many things from their foes” .

My conclusion is In Jiu Jitsu less is more and more many times is less.

In my early years in Gracie Barra ,I learnt that. When your mind isn’t clouted by “ego”,every defeat is a gift! in reality it is a learning experience,it’s an opportunity to transform,to adapt and to improve. This mentality lead us to form not only the GREATEST BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU TEAM in history but the strongest and most united family ever!

The mastery of skill comes when through concentrated effort learn is an effortless action.
Offense is defense, and defense is offense!
Resist with nonresistance!
Beating someone weaker by using brute strength does not make anyone any better! Instead it will corrupt the  integrity of the practitioner,it will clout his/her vision by creating an illusionary invulnerability in the mind, which in the best case scenario will lead the practitioner to a biter reality check!

” Jiu Jitsu” is the gentle art first and foremost, the art of SELF DEFENSE! not the art of attacking anyone! The UFC is a distorted depiction of what our art is all about!
“Against the experts in defense, the enemy does not know where to attack”. Sun Tzu

In another words “An angry man will defeat himself in battle as well as in life”

Sparring is meant to be gracious and fun. Sparring is a way to express the best out of each one. Train with grace,be gentle,merciful and honest and more than anything have fun on the mats! This is the secret to grow in our art!

Professor Carlos Lemos Jr

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