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Can drinking Sodas harm your bones?

Thai Boxing (Kick Boxing) is the national Sport of Thailand with records of over 1000 years of martial tradition. In Thailand most of the Traditional Thai Camps forbid their Professional fighters to consume any type of Soda and it has been like that for decades in Thailand. Like “the Gracies” Thai Boxing trainers understood how harmful Soda drinks can be to a fighter. The Thai boxing trainers had no lab tests, MRIs or any type of technology but they became to the same conclusion after observing the high incidence of broken bones among fighters who would have Soda drinks incorporated as part of their diet. For us in US Thai Boxing is something new! The art just like Jiu Jitsu has been popularized to the public by the UFC for the last 20 years, after watching the last fight of Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman, Where Anderson suffered a gruesome broken leg injury I decided to put an informative article together to educate everyone about the harmful effects of soda consumption.

According to some recent studies, calcium is the common denominator between leg cramps, cola drinks, bone loss and the subsequent need for surgery after a brittle bone breaks.

Tufts University in Boston, suggests that colas, specifically, might be problematic. Among the 1,413 women whose dietary records and bone-density scans they reviewed, those who drank a diet or regular cola at least three times a week over five years had significantly lower bone densities than those who sipped cola once a month or less. No such effect occurred with other carbonated drinks, even after researchers factored in intake of calcium from foods.

The likely cause? Phosphoric acid, which is unique to colas, says Katherine Tucker, Ph.D., lead author of the study. When the body breaks down this compound, the acidity (or concentration of free hydrogen ions) of the blood increases. To neutralize acidity, hydrogen ions bind with minerals, including calcium and magnesium. If they’re not available in the blood, says Tucker, “the body draws calcium from bones.” The occasional cola drinker probably needn’t worry. “The real risk is for those who drink cola every day,” says Tucker.

Coincidence or not before Anderson’s international projection as one of the best Mixed Martial Arts in History, he worked for years in a fast food restaurant. Guess what was his diet like for years?

I still remember, Master Carlos, interrogating us about our last meal or how was our diet over the weekend, I remember how he has always condemned Sodas, Tobacco, or any sorts of drugs, Alcohol or processed foods. It was good to grow up in a environment like that, for some “closed mind” people his views of diet were radical, I am happy that I kept my mind open! Today I can pass this knowledge to my students, kids and friends.

The bottom line: There are plenty of good reasons to quit a regular soda habit; there hundreds if not thousands of delicious fresh squeezed juice options, use your creativity, your body will thank you.”


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