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We would like to invite everyone to try TOMORROW FOR A FREE WORKOUT TRYOUT SESSION IN OUR SCHOOL “ENDURANCE XT” WITH COACH KEITH GORDON at 10:00AM and at 8:30PM (45 Mins to 1hour Session, be prepared to stay for an our on the mats)

What is Endurance XT
Endurance XT is a cross-training and functional fitness program that uses innovative strength and conditioning exercises to help you lose weight and gain strength.

Who’s Endurance XT for:

Cross-training is a highly effective way for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to improve their athletic performance. By using a variety of exercises and training in multiple sports, cross-training fills in the gaps of an athletes performance and makes them more well-rounded and adaptable.

Cross-Training for Sports

For years, professional athletes used cross-training to boost their level of performance. They knew that they would improve their strength, speed and agility by cross-training in a variety of disciplines. Whether you are a swimmer, basketball player, runner or mixed martial artist, cross-training will help you develop your body to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

Cross-Training for Fitness

Like athletes, everyone from casual exercisers to fitness enthusiasts will benefit from cross-training. Even if your goal is just to lose a few pounds, you will find that cross-training helps tremendously. By adding variety to your workouts, you will see faster results and enjoy your workouts more than doing the same thing over and over.

Cross-Training for Injury Prevention

The benefits of cross-training extend far beyond athleticism. For many people, cross-training helps them prevent injuries. Because athletics demand a lot from our bodies, we need to be pro-active and prepare our bodies for the stress they will endure. By cross-training, you will eliminate weaknesses found throughout the body and reduce the chances of injury.

Cross-Training for Rehabilitation

Even though we do our best to avoid injuries, they still happen from time to time. Whether you injure your back, shoulders or hips, cross-training offers the opportunity to rebuild your body and eliminate injuries.

Anyone member or not can try it out 100% free!


For more info about the program contact us at or at (630) 964 1414

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