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Gracie Barra Downers Grove 1o Little Champs and Teens Belt Grading and Demonstration a huge success!

Saturday,November 2nd our mats got packed for the 1o Children/Teens Belt Grading Ceremony!

It was 11:20 am when the first parents started to show up at our school for the most anticipated event of the month! at 12:00pm sharp all the kids were on the mats for a full warm up followed by twenty minutes of functional drills and exercises before Professor Carlos Lemos Jr and a crowed audience of parents and GB DOWNERS GROVE members.

Once Professor Lemos started to call one of by one of our students to the “stage” for a live demonstration, our future Champs didn’t disappointed! They executed their moves with precision and style mark of real Champions on the mats!

“The future of  the Jiu Jitsu  as a Martial Art and Sport in Midwest is guaranteed!”

After the demonstration the awarded Kids presented our school with their life changing testimonies such as the one of Hunter Shady who within 6 months of training became a Chicago International Champion and today has his entire family not only training Jiu Jitsu but practicing “the Gracie Diet” which has changed completely the Shadys eating habits and life style for the best. Another life changing testimony was from the Future Champion Matthew Torres who used to be constantly bullied in school until the day He used a skill learned under Prof. Carlos Lemos Jr to free himself from a head lock executed by the bully and immobilized the same until his teacher arrived to get the “well known bully”  of his school in trouble, from bullied victim our Matthew became a hero in his school!

“It’s so grateful to see what Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu can do in a kid life”

The Atmosphere of the event couldn’t to be any better and We would like to thank all the families and members who supported this event.

Congratulations to: Alex Mitchell, Akemi Samejima, Aidan Dejuras, Alicia Mezera, Epiphany Stalcup, Hunter Shady, Mike Lomeda, Maddox Dejuras,Matheus Torres, Luke Kotke, Owen Mcgrath.


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