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Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone

Bringing out the best in our children

It’s never too late to give your child a chance to be a Champion!

At our school We are committed to make  our future little champions more than champions on the mats, We are also committed to make them CHAMPIONS OF LIFE!

What is a Champion of life:

  • A Champion of life is someone prepared to take the challenges life may impose
  • A Champion of life is fit and strong but never arrogant
  • A Champion of life is someone ready benefit the society and its community
  • A Champion of life learnt throughout training how to keep its calmness and self control under pressure
  • A Champion of life is someone who understands family values, respect and hierarchy
  • A Champion of life is a role model ready to make our world a better place to live

Come and check our State of the art facility and give your child a tryout lesson 100% free of charge.

New children’s program group starting this fall “directly under Professor Carlos Lemos Jr”, for more information contact us at : or call us at :(630) 964 1414

“The most effective teachers expect great accomplishments from their students, and they don’t accept anything less. In education, expectations form a self-fulfilling prophecy. When teachers believe each and every student can soar beyond any imagined limits, the children will sense that confidence and work with the teacher to make it happen.”

“See you on the mats”

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