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Do you want to learn the recipe to make champions of Life!

Do you want to learn the recipe to make champions of life? GB Downers Grove launches,the first GRACIE BARRA DOWNERS GROVE instructors certification course:

Gracie Barra Martial Arts has history and tradition that can be traced back to the founders of art, this tradition reinforced by the patriarch of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the late Grand Master Carlos Gracie Sr,who’s the father of our founder Master Carlos Gracie Jr has produced not only some of the best fighters in the world but also some of the top rated instructors in the planet, fostering the spirit of Gracie Barra Prof. Lemos  and his team of Champions and instructors launches this Saturday the first instructors certification course of GB Downers Grove. If  have the passion for the arts and your dream is to become a Jiu Jitsu instructor this is your opportunity to learn some of the secret teachings of Prof.Lemos jr.

Do not miss Saturday 14th of September at 2:00Pm

Confirm your registration as soon as possible at (630) 964 1414 or at

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