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Do you want to become a GB Downers instructor? you considered becoming a Gracie Barra Downers Grove instructor? So this your chance,believing on Master Carlos Gracie Jr philosophy which a Jiu Jitsu school shouldn’t teach the students only how to fight or to protect themselves but also to teach them the art of teaching Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu,Professor Carlos Lemos Jr will personally lead the first GB Downers instructor’s certification course and teach all the secrets learned from Master Carlos Gracie Jr, which made Prof.Lemos one of the most accomplished teachers around the world.

The classes will be held every Saturday 2:00Pm starting on the 14th of September.

Requirements to participate on the course:

To be a Gracie Barra member

To have achieved at least the 4 stripes white belt level or higher

Be available on Saturdays afternoon for 2 hours during the 6 weekends of the course

Passion for the art!

At the end of the course all the participants will receive their certificates issued by GB Downers and signed by Prof. Lemos

For more informations about our certification course you can contact us at (630) 964 1414 or at


See you on the mats!



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