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The Biggest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training camp of the Midwest History is about to reach the Chicagoland!

After 4 amazing weekends of hard training that started in GB Twin Cities, passed to GB St.Louis and GB Springfield Illinois, the GB Competition training camp finally reaches the Chicagoland area.

“Our team is growing stronger and more organized than ever, I am truly excited with the initiative of our Professors and Gracie Barra Association,right now let’s hit the mats” Quoted professor Carlos Lemos Jr at GB.St Louis training camp hosted by Professor Mike Buckels.

” The last weekend We went down to GB Springfield where Professor Marcos Barros and Beto Barros welcomed GB warriors from all over the Midwest in their home, the house was totally packed and for two days We trained really hard, at the end I was really impressed not only with finest Jiu Jitsu advanced classes taught By Professors Buckles and Fox,but also by the professionalism and seriousness of our GB students. They all looking great and We will have many podiums on top of that It’s the first time a Jiu Jitsu organization attempts something of this magnitude in the Midwest the results are inevitable.” Closed Professor Lemos right after a live training session with one Inst.Gerrad Zec. The camp finished with a very inspired speech of Professor Carlos Lemos Jr who has being using the same motto for the whole camp,which in his opinion express the spirit of Gracie Barra in the Midwest where the GB organization just started a couple of years ago: ” This war is not to the strongest, but to the active,the vigilant and the brave. We Gracie Barra in the Midwest are the active,the vigilant and the brave”


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For the last week of the training camp GB Downers will be the place of gathering for GB Black Belt champions from all over the world starting on the 9th of August all the way to the 15th of August our home will host the following and more:

Carlos Lemos Jr.
Flavio Almeida
Professor Sergio
Brandon Mullins
Gibran Alvarez
Rodrigo Carvalho
Marcelo Souza
Marcos Barros
Rodrigo Haines Sul
Orlando Sanchez
Phillipe Dela Monica
Roberto Barros
Mike Buckels
Don Fox
Professor Jake
Inst. Inacio Neto

GB Schaumburg will host a seminar with all the black belts listed above on the 16th of August for more infos contact GB Schaumburg at

Both events are for GRACIEBARRA MEMBERS only.

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