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The biggest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camp in the Midwest History, SIGN UP NOW!

On the 9th of August the Chicagoland area is about to be invaded by some of the greatest names of Gracie Barra, some of the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu professors and competitors in the World are gathering together at Gracie Barra Downers Grove for a whole week of training camp! The Professors aren’t going to share the knowledge and fighting experience with the students only but they will actually live train with everyone as well! It will be a first time ever event like the Midwest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Community never seen before.

Here is the complete schedule of the event:

August 9th – Gracie Barra Downers Grove 6:30p to 8:30p

August 10th – Gracie Barra Downers Grove 10:30a to 12p

August the 11th Will also be the Grand Opening of Gracie Barra Schaumburg in Illinois. (Article on the way)

August 12th – Will mark the final week of the training camp. From 7p to 9p. Possible Jiu-Jitsu rock stars include Professor Carlos Lemos Jr., Professor Sergio, Professor Gibran Alvarez

August 13th – Will have Professor Flavio Almeida in the house for a no gi competition workshop.from 6:30P to 8:30P

August 14th- Professors Lemos and Flavio Almeida along with the other BLack Belt rockstars will lead the gi competition workshop from 7P to 9pm

August 15th will be the day of another No-Gi competition training session Prof.Almeida will show why he’s rated as one of the no gi Black Belts in the planet,along with the GB Professors for the last day of the GB Camp at Downers Grove, The camp will move site to GB Schaumburg!

We have limited spots at GB Downers Grove, so sign up now! The costs for the events listed above is a single fee of $40,00 plus two pounds of a non perishable food item to be donated for a local charity institution. To secure your spot call us at 630-964-1414

August 16th will be the last day to adjust the strategy and learn from the best in the world on an impossible to miss seminar at GB Schaumburg!
For more info signing up at GB Schaumburg’s Seminar please contact Peter Prince at: 773-377-JITZ (5489)




Confirmed Attendes: Professor Carlos Lemos Jr, Professor Flavio Almeida, Professor Marcos Barros,Professor Beto Barros, Professor Phillipe Dela Monica,Prof.Sergio,Professor Mike Buckels,Prof.Jake,Professor Rodrigo Haines Sul, Professor Brandon Mullins, Professor Samuel Braga,Professor Gibran Alvarez, Inst.Inacio Neto and many more to be added!

To sign up for the GB Downers Seminar and camp call us at 630 964 1414
To sign up for the for the GB Schaumburg seminar call GB Schaumburg at 773-377-JITZ (5489)

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