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GB Downers Grove join hands with local charity institution

Prof. Carlos Lemos Jr. teaches us that 1+1 can equal more than 2 if we have a giving heart.

 So often these pages are filled with great techniques, and stories of the tremendous accomplishments of the GB Downers Grove family of competitors.  The belts, swords, and honors all earned through hours upon hours of training, sweating, bleeding and the brotherhood/sisterhood that forms under the leaders of our school Prof. Carlos and Prof Ryo.   But wait…. There’s so much more!!

 Recently Prof Carlos and his wife Miryan Samejima were lead instructors for a girl’s self-defense class sponsored by a charity foundation (WSFEE) in Western Springs, IL.  The event was highly successful and attended by over 60 teenage girls! But that was not enough community service for our Prof. Carlos!  When he received his compensation from WSFEE for the seminar he needed to make it multiply and help even more young people!


Prof Lemos Jr. and his wife donated 100% of his compensation from WSFEE to Matthew Corso and Carol Kocek (not pictured) of SeaSpar.  Prof. Carlos’ donation will fully fund one special needs child’s participation in these great programs for 6 months!  SeaSpar has been around since 1976 and its history can be viewed here… .

In short SeaSpar helps special needs kids and adults with many different programs.  Please visit their website to learn more!!

 So Prof Carlos teaches us again, this time off the mats, that charity and community service multiplies many times should you have a giving heart and desire to help others.  In this case 1+1 equaled a lot more than 2!!


Thank you Prof. Carlos and Miryan!!  We are all proud to be part of the GB Downers Grove family!!







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