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Gracie Barra Downers Grove reaches the community with the WSFEE Girl’s Self Defense Preventive Seminar

Prof. Carlos Lemos Jr. headlines a 7th and 8th grade girls’ self-defense seminar in Western Springs, Illinois!Self Defense seminar II

Prof. Carlos joined local police, high school counselors, and a doctor in a tremendous community service seminar at McClure Middle School in Western Springs, Illinois. Prof. Lemos captivated 61 girls with his presentation about the evils of drugs and alcohol for today’s youth and really piqued their interest when he relayed real life personal experiences where his training in the Gracie Barra Self Defense system saved his life more than once! Self Defense seminar

Prof. Carlos with the help of his wife Miryan who’s also the Women’s boot Camp instructor and Women’s Self Defense assistant coach of GB Downers Grove did a wonderful job demonstrating and teaching some of the basic, but very effective Gracie Barra Jujitsu techniques that can save a girl from an assault. The girls were taught a series of grip escapes, hair pull escape, and very importantly an escape from their backs along with the technical stand-up! He also told a real story of a Gracie Jiu Jitsu student who used these very skills to escape an attempted rape!Self Defense seminar IV

Parental response has been 100% positive. This event shines as another great example of GB Downers Grove, and Prof. Lemos Jr’s continuing commitment to community service, and educating local youth in the gentle art!
Self Defense seminar III

Special thanks to the Buinauskas family and Dr.Ozark for their priceless contribution to this event!

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