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The place of choice of the best fighters in the world at the Riviera Maya

Following the tradition initiated by Prof. Gibran Alvarez when he first moved to Playa Del Carmen The Fusion Hotel has being the place of choice of some of the greatest BJJ and MMA fighters in the world, names such Flavio Almeida Rolles Gracie Jr,Mario Delgado, Clark Gracie, Filipe Jerry Oliveira ,Bruno Fernandes,Alvaro Romano are only a few of the fighters greeted by the hotel’s owner Rotem Arnom, over the years and its no accident that some of the best of the best have chosen the Fusion aka ” Rotemland” as their place of choice in Mexico, the reason for that isn’t only the paradisiacal view of the beach front hotel rooms or the restaurant meals served literally on the white sands of the hotel’s beach but also the organically fresh meals cooked by Chef Luiz, one of the best chefs in town who’s also a Gracie Barra BJJ practitioner and understand the need of fighters to each fresh organic ingredients in compliance many times with the Gracie Diet.
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If you are looking for the perfect get away with great food,amazing site seeing ,relaxed atmosphere and only 5 minutes away from Gracie Barra Playa Del Carmen,do like Prof.Lemos and the GB Downers crew, book your room at :

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