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Professor Flavio’s seminar breaks record of attendance!

Sunday,28th of April 2013

GB Downers would like to thank all our students who supported participating on another incredible seminar taught by Prof.Flavio Almeida at GB Downers! DSC_9556

This time GB Downers broke its seminars attendance record which made Professor Flavio very optimistic about the future of the Gracie Barra family in the Chicagoland!
Attendance record

attendance record II

Attendance record III

Today the beliefs of our students where reinforced by Prof.Flavio’s refined techniques,enthusiasm,passion and charisma earned by years of training under Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

GB Downers also would like to congratulate all the students to received their gradings today:
White belts: Shawn Allen,Geno Napoletano,Jürgen Fbsucks,Paul Lee,Micheal Gould,Owen Mc grath,Tommy de Bennedeto,Kathy Buinauskas,Miryan Samejima,Akemi Samejima,Andrew Jabowanski,Dave Rivera,Tom Hepburn,Kurt Brewer,Pat Griffin,Greg Porter and Jake Nuesser.

Grey and White Belt: Kenzo Samejima de Lemos

Green belt 2nd stripe: Mario Bryant

Green and black: Danny Frasca,Alex Juarez,Billy Termini

Blue Belts: Bill Mc Grath ,Ronnie Hown,Mr.Salim,Calvin Edwards and Ken Bulgrin

Blue belt 2nd stripe: Pedro Tello and Peter Arestis

Blue belt 4th stripe: Peter Buinauskas

Purple belt: Alexandru Macadrin

Purple belt 1st stripe: Doc Ryan Headley

Purple belt 2nd stripe: Adam Albretch

group picture

Congratulations everyone on the deserved promotions!!!

Stay tuned for future events @ GB Downers where ” Jiu Jitsu is for everyone”

See you on the mats.

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