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GB Downers victories at Naga,report.

Saturday, 27th of April 2013 An amazing day for GB Downers at Naga Chicago.

The day started early with our teenagers Nate De Souza scoring submissions within seconds on this matches. Nate finished 3 of his matches in less than TWO minutes in TOTAL, to claim high up on the No gi podium and get his gold medal, while Nate was getting his prize Alex Juarez was fighting in and out of Guillotines. Alex made 2 silver medals after a tremendous display of tenacity and defensive skills.

Hector naga
Hector Vargas 1st place No gi Purple belt.
On the Picture: Professors Ominami,Lemos Jr and our GB warrior Jamil Fakhoury,

On the masters white belt division our beginners Pat Griffin and Greg Porter, both performed great and bought home 2 silver medals each, Pat and Greg being the newest revelations of GB Downers, both of them working class guys,came to GB Downers couple of months ago out of shape and interested to learn our basic course and now after a couple of months of dedication and fun on the mats they are becoming common figures on the podiums of Illinois.

If Pat and Greg are revelations of our team the same could be said about our GB warrior Calvin Edwards, Calvin who just received his blue belt a day after Naga also displayed tremendous tenacity and skill bringing home his first Silver medal ever.

On the Blue belt division Jamil ” The armed giant” Fakhoury took a step up on the ladder to compete against purple belts on the advanced division. Jamil aggressive got up to the podium twice on the night with a silver and and a bronze medal,but the day really belonged to two of our recently promoted Purple belts Stevan Glodic who being purple belts for only two and half months fought their hearts on the No gi division, both Stevan and Hector started their final matches for the Gold medal behind the score with well skilled opponents Hector turned the score with 18 seconds to the end of the match! with the Stevan the story was different fighting an opponent from Coral team , after back to back submissions attempts from both sides,Stevan scored a back mount to secure his victory and the gold medal.

Congratulations to all GB Downers warriors who represented our family with honor and dignity and respect!
Stevan Naga
Picture: Hector Vargas ,Prof.Lemos Jr and the no gi purple belt adult division 1st place Stevan Glodic.

See you on the mats.

GB Downers

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