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Next chapter for 2013

The GB Downers Grove team would like to thank all of our students who supported our competitors during the Pan American Championships 2013, We sent four warriors to compete in CA and thanks to the whole team We got three medals including one gold of Adam Albretch.

” This isn’t my personal achievement as a teacher or as a competitor but an achievement of our team, all of our students and instructors have their participation on these medals. We as a team succeed on the Pans 2013, I am really proud of our school stated prof.Lemos”

Prof. Lemos came back from CA early this week with a set plan for 2013 ” to bring the whole group together” technically,physically and strategically for the up and coming Chicago Summer Open and No Gi World Championships, for that Prof.Lemos and Ominami together with the “elite competition team” Of GB Downers will put extra amount of hours on the mats with the prospect champions of our school starting in April as well as the outdoors workouts starting in MAY. The idea is to give all our students willing to compete the opportunity to succeed the same way our senior students being doing for the last few years on the major competition scene.

Last but not least our No Gi morning program will start soon! Sign up asap at ” Limited spots available”
See you on the mats.
GB Downers
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