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GB Downers Grove families picture session!

Gracie Barra started in Rio De Janeiro Brazil as an extension of Master Carlos Gracie Jr own family over three decades ago, today Gracie Barra is a big family spread all over the world. None the less our principles our ways are all family oriented just like when We first started back in Brazil.

Celebrating our family bounds with our students and families We decided to organize our first GRACIE BARRA DOWNERS GROVE family’s picture session.

If you have more than 1 family member training with us ,you are invited to this HISTORICAL picture session!
The session will be conducted at our school on the 24th of Feb at 2:15pm
For every family that participates of the session We will offer an official GB Downers sticker.
We will raffle a Gracie Barra official training shirt for the participants families.
Sign up now at (630)964 1414 or at


Please come and support our club and meet the other families training with us.

“Jiu Jitsu for everyone”


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