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The Grand Opening Party of GB Downers a martial arts day to be remembered!



With this Motto Professor Lemos and his crew of instructors gave the martial arts community of Chicagoland a day to be remembered.

The Prof.Lemos , Ominami and  sensei Tobar were on point January 5, 2012, when they introduced Prof.Lemos’ new premium school the“Gracie Barra Martial arts Academy” to the public at their grand opening gala in Downers Grove, IL, last Saturday afternoon. The Jiu-Jitsu stars Prof.Lemos Jr and Ominami, along with their team of instructors, Lou Tobar and Carlos Lopez unveiled their new school . Not only they offered a day of free seminars to the Chicagoland area community that had its 1500sft mat area packed with students, but they had special MMA celebrities wandering around the party, leading them the UFC legend and Prof. Lemos Jr’s student Spencer ” the King” Fisher who putted a MMA workshop packed of action. Outside that,an endless supply of fruits,healthy snacks and juices made the Gracie Barra Downers Grove  Grand Opening party a huge success.

The Gracie Barra Martial Arts Academy’s facilities in Downers Grove are nothing but class. From the customized front desk, full pro shop ,flat screen Tv showing Prof.Carlos’ fighting videos,waiting area with comfortable couches and his and hers locker rooms containing 4 individual showers , comes off as more of a High Class Health club , than a Jiu-Jitsu school and the The GB Downers team had it designed this way on purpose. “We wanted to get away from the “smelly” and uncomfortable ” Rocky Balboa” type of Jiu Jitsu Dojo and the MMA school,in Gracie Barra We want to make not only a place that you can train hard but also a place that our students can hang out with their families and friends” Prof.Carlos says, “We did not want this place to look like the average Jiu-Jitsu  school here.We want our school to offer the best instruction and to look the best on every single aspect” Added Prof. Carlos Lemos to that, walls showcasing The Gracie Barra official Logo and the Legacy tradition posters of the whole lineage of Prof. Lemos Jr Jiu Jitsu, besides all the official curriculums of GB and a vast supply of gold medals and belts of Prof. Lemos and Ominami from tournaments around the world and an array of pictures of our Professors,Certificates and multiple awards,ambience music, a 1500sft mat area, and a laundry service that ensures your gi is clean every time you come to class, and it’s clear they’ve thought through every aspect of running a classy academy efficiently and effectively.

” The Gracie Barra legacy is well represented on Gracie Barra new premium school in Downers Grove”

The Lemos family  and Prof. Ominami are pouring their “best” into this school and say, although they had a very busy traveling lifestyle  because of competitions, seminars, traveling back and forth to Brazil ,Japan and Europe, they’ve now rearranged their schedules and lives to make sure that the classes are always taught by a black belt on the mats. “We are the ones who teach all the Jiu-Jitsu classes,” Professor Ominami affirms. “I moved to IL now and will be at the school Monday through Friday teaching classes.” next to my teacher and training partner Prof.Lemos, “We will be flying out for seminars and things like now and again,but We gave up a great deal of events to attend in order to dedicate our lives to the school. We will always be here.” That’s quite a commitment for these teachers with an international reputation who are quite in demand in the Jiu-Jitsu world these days because of their Jiu Jitsu level and charismatic personalities. “ For us this school isn’t as a hobby” said Miryan Samejima De Lemos says; “this is our business and our life now. We will be there to make sure all our students are satisfied and happy ,that is the only way We know.”

The UFC Spencer ‘ The king” fisher celebrity guest who trains with Prof.Lemos in regular basis brought 2 of his Pro fighters to attend the ceremony.

The 2x Brazilian World Champion Prof. Lemos Jr ,the 3 x National Japanese Champion Prof. Ominami and Sensei Lou Tobar surprisingly aren’t looking to pack the academy of world champions students only,but a place to bring the families of Chicagoland area together with the most positive and healthy atmosphere “We want to have a massive kids program in Illinois, because the positive impact We may cause in a child’s life is much deeper and profounder” Lemos Jr says. “

” Miryan says that the kids are the future of this Nation Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu can build them up and creating a sense of self-esteem and confidence  which are lacking in today’s youth,  “We are going to be offering anti-bullying classes as well. We really want to be a part of the future through a successful kids and parents program.”

“Kids and parents are an important priority in the GB Downers new school”.

Lemos Jr,Ominami and Tobar are the proof that you don’t need to be big,strong,flexible physically gifted to be good in Jiu Jitsu or in Martial arts “

Anyone can do it! It’s a matter of right the instruction and hard training. In our school We hold nothing from our students We show them everything We know. We are happy every time We see our students evolving and getting closer and closer to our level! We are not afraid to teach them what We know,is that what makes us a successful school “ We also understand that people have lives outside the mats and so, not everyone is going to want to be a world champion. Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu is not competition only is also about self defense,fitness, wellbeing and brotherhood. Mostly, it’s a lifestyle that We share everyday on the mats with our students. And everyone can benefit from that.”

From the left to the right” Adam Albretch Jr,Adam Albretch( Chicago Open, Pan American and World Champion),Instructor Carlos” Carlon” Lopez, Stevan Glodic( Former Chicago Open Champion and Naga Champion), DrAhmed El-Maghraby, Mr. Buisnauskas and Mr. Salim

I’m being a sports person for my entire life, I always wanted to have a sports related business in my shopping mall, When I saw Carlos for the first time I knew He was the right person to have one of my shops,said Mr. Fakhoury “we really couldn’t pass it up to have an instructor like him in my mall with the baggage of the Gracie Barra family on his shoulders, it’s an amazing feature. I knew it was a way to have a positive impact in the Downers Grove community”

” A packed house for Prof.Ominami’s seminar”

” The original and the new generation shared the mats”

” Our Guests heated the mats”

” Pure passion”



” Our beautiful helpers Samantha de Souza,Miryan Samejima and  Andrea Beckham”


” Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu future Champs”

” Jamil ” the Giant”  having a good time”

” Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu for everyone!” 

If you’re interested in joining the Gracie Barra Martial arts Academy in Downers Grove, Prof.Lemos and his team of instructors you can call us at: (630) 964 1414 or visit us at: 130 Ogden Av.Downers Grove,IL 60527

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