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New official GB No gi training uniform has arrived!


The new official No gi Graciebarra training uniform has arrived!

The new no gi shorts are here, they arrived this week and everyone loved! Said one of our students.

“The new shorts are super light, the movement isn’t restricted like most of the board shorts since the new GB training shorts have a layer of “lycra” placed right on the inner thighs and they fit really well.The nicest part are the embroidered GRACIE BARRA PATCHS all over the shorts. It’s looks amazing!” Commented Prof.Lemos

The new GB training uniform consists of: Official GB rash guard or training shirt, official GB board shorts and jiu jitsu belt.

For our students who didn’t have the opportunity to get the new shorts yet, no problems! The old uniform still valid. ( Official GB rash guard or training shirt,official GB gi pants and jiu jitsu belt)

See you on the mats!
” Jiu Jitsu for everyone”

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