Gracie Barra Downers GroveGracie Barra Downers Grove

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The first Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu Downers BBQ and Belt Grading ceremony was a huge success!

GB Downers Grove BBQ

GB Downers Grove BBQ

Gracie Barra Downers Grove would you like to thank all the families who attended the barbecue and congratulate our team for making it possible.

Congrats to our begginners Max florek on his first degree, Calvin and Sam Fakhoury second degree, Alex Juarez and Billy Termini third degree, Adam Marsden and Erasmo Garcia forth degree White belts.

Ariel Hernandez , Pedro Tello and Shawn Robitson on their newly well deserved blue belts.

Jamil Fakhoury second degree, Josh Montgomery third degree, James Dixon, Hector Vargas,Stevan Glodik and Michael Hagl forth degree blue belts.

Dr. Ryan Headley and Adam Albretch on their purple belts

Carlos Lopez on his brown belt.

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